How to be smarter about cancer treatments

How to be smarter about cancer treatments

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BEIJING — Biologic medicine has an important place in medicine.

But its future is in the hands of the biotech industry, which is now using it to make the most powerful drugs in history.

It’s the latest sign of the exponential growth of medicine in China, where the country’s biotech industry has made significant progress since it was founded in the 1950s.

In the past five years, China has become a top research and development destination for pharmaceuticals, biotechs and biologic products, and the government is pushing to boost that.

And it’s all happening with a growing appetite for the biologic.

China is the world’s biggest market for biologic medicines, with the average biologic drugmaker producing $12 billion a year, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Biotech companies have also gained momentum in other parts of the world, especially India, China and Russia.

The Chinese market is expected to grow to $14.7 billion in 2019 from $6.8 billion in 2018, according the report, based on data from the World Health Organization.

In China, the biggest players are Biologics China and Biologies International.

Biologiques China has an office in Shanghai and a factory in Guangzhou.

It has a research arm in Tianjin and a research center in Xi’an, capital of Sichuan province.

Its biggest rivals are Biogen, a biotechnology company based in Sunnyvale, California, and Genentech, based in Menlo Park, California.

Genentech was founded by Richard Branson, who is also chairman of Baidu.

Branson’s company is a leader in developing and manufacturing the drug, called Lipofex, which it sold for $3.6 billion in 2009.

It’s also one of the biggest biologics makers in the world.

Biogen is building its own biologic and is developing a biologic version of its blockbuster cancer drug, Crestor.

Biologics International was founded and has offices in Shanghai.

It is a unit of Biologis Pharmaceuticals, a British pharmaceutical company, and it’s a subsidiary of Biotec.

Its flagship product is a biologic version of Crestor, called Crestor XR.

Biogen’s CEO, John Chambers, has been an executive at Biologic for almost 40 years.

He is chairman of the board of the company and a former chairman of Roche, a global biologis company.

Biochemics International and Biochemics are among the worlds biggest biologic companies.

China’s largest biotech company, Shanghai Biologia, was founded more than 40 years ago by a man who was the son of a doctor, Chen Liang, and his father had a PhD in biochemistry.

Chen Liang was a Chinese scientist who was a pioneer in the development of drugs.

He was a medical doctor in Shanghai, Shanghai and the coastal provinces.

Chesapeake Pharmaceuticals is also a part of Biologic International.

Cheskies was the co-founder of the Biologica Group and co-founded Biologico.

Cheskies started Biological in 1975.

He died in 1997.

He had a degree in chemistry and a Ph.

D. in biotechnology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Cheryl Sutter, a professor at the University.

was a member of Biotech Inc., the first biotech company.

She is a former president of the American Academy of Biotechnology.

She worked at Biotech International and at the Rockefeller Foundation.

In 1997, she left Biologices International and founded a biotechnological company called BioMedics International.

Her daughter, Anne, founded BioMedic and the company was bought by Biotech in 2007.

Anne Sutter said the company has a huge potential in China.

She told ABC News that China is a big market for biotechs.

China is the second-largest market for Biologicals International and the third-largest in the World.

She said China is growing faster than the rest of the global biotech market.

China has been growing faster for the past few years, and there’s no question that there’s a need for the Chinese market to be able to produce the drugs that they need for China, she said.

Biologic medicines are being developed to treat various cancers, including pancreatic cancer and lung cancer.

One of Biological’s biggest drugs is Lipofec.

The drug is being developed by BioMediex, a subsidiary that Biologicas International has a 25% stake in.

Biotech has said that the drug is expected in the market by 2020.

Another Chinese biotech is Biogen.

Biogest has been in the business of developing cancer treatments since the 1980s.

Its main product is Lipotec.

Bioganics, another Chinese biotech, is also developing a drug called Lipocuric.

Biogest’s chief executive, David Cui, has a doctorate in

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